Air Conditioning Repair

Trident Air Conditioning & Heating understands how frustrating it can be when your air conditioning system breaks down. When this happens, Trident Air Conditioning & Heating is here to serve you.  We have provided exceptional air conditioning repair services for both residential and commercial clients.  Our professional technicians are experienced and knowledgeable with all makes and models of air conditioning units.  We can assess your system and have your unit up and running as quickly as possible.

Trident Air Conditioning & Heating proudly offers services in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port & surrounding areas.

Air conditioning repair


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When to Call a Professional for Air Conditioning Repair


A/C System is not Turning On

If you checked your thermostat and the breaker and your system still won’t turn on, it is time to call an expert. A/C systems which do not turn on may not be receiving power which could be from an electrical problem. Stay safe and call a professional.


Air Conditioning Unit is not Blowing Cold Air

If you can hear and feel that your unit working but the air is not cold, the system could have lost refrigerant. Call an expert licensed in using freon for a/c repair.


Odd Noises

 Are there strange noises coming from your a/c unit? Whether the noises are coming from the inside or outside unit, call a professional to have it checked out. Small noises can turn into a big expense if it is not taken care of in a timely manner.


System is Getting Hot

Your A/C system inside and outside may be a little warm but it should never get hot. If your system becomes hot, stay clear of the unit and call a professional

We Provide Emergency Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Trident Air Conditioning & Heating offers emergency services.  There are many reasons that can cause your air conditioning unit to stop working. No matter what the reason is, it is best to let the professionals who specialize in air conditioning repair to fix your unit for you.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, or not. Call us to come to you to diagnose, repair and perform a system check on all other component factors in your systems engineered design and as always, carries a 5 year part warranty with any replaced part. Call Trident Air Conditioning & Heating for reliable service today!

Why Choose Us

The professionals at Trident Air Conditioning & Heating care about you and your family.  Trying to self-repair your air conditioning unit is a dangerous task and is something that should be left for an experienced professional to take care of.  We offer emergency repair service for all makes and all models of air conditioning systems.  Trident Air Conditioning & Heating is veteran owned, and we offer special discounts to all of our local heroes which includes veterans, firefighters, police and first responders.  Call Trident Air Conditioning & Heating Today!


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