Temporarily Closed Due to Family Emergency

Temporarily Closed Due to Family Emergency

About Us

In service to “We the People”, 20yrs in Our Nations Military

license #CAC1819012

My name is Joey Boyle, Owner of TRIDENT Air Conditioning & Heating. I have lived my life all over the world. Serving the People of the United States, in a special place in Our Country’s Military. I came to finally live The American dream and do as I always do things, never stop, now here in beautiful South West Florida. I have had the opportunity to meet, work & live among the best People in the world. It was an Honor for me to be in the Presence of Super Heros. Being a young boy from Long Island N.Y., to Retiring after 20 years, the best have made Me who I am.


My Pastor once asked a question, “Life, isn’t it really all just about relationships?”.  It is and that question changed me forever.  Building relationships, to creating solutions around the Globe was my Business.  Call on me to  do the same by making my business, about you.  “Strength through Loyalty”, Our Loyalty to You, is the Strength in Our foundation.

Thank you for Your time and interest in Us, God bless.