Air Conditioning Maintenance

For air conditioning maintenance call our team at Trident Air Conditioning and Heating.  We understand the importance of a working A/C system.  Your HVAC unit will keep the air in your home cool, fresh and filtered.  You shouldn’t wait for your air conditioning system to break down to call a professional.  Be proactive and prevent costly repairs by scheduling regular maintenance appointments! At Trident Air Conditioning, we have provided exceptional air conditioning maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients. Our technicians have training and experience with all makes and models of A/C units. When you let us maintain your unit, we will check all parts of your unit. From the coils to the filters, we will make sure your air conditioning system is running at optimal efficiency.

air conditioning maintenance

Avoid Breakdowns and Save Money

With regularly scheduled maintenance visits, we can help you save money by catching any problems before they turn into large costly expenses.  Our Care Program can help you ensure we meet all your preventative maintenance needs.  With proper maintenance you can keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently all year long!

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance


Lower Energy Costs

When air conditioning units are not maintained, the unit works harder. This can result in higher energy costs. Scheduled maintenance services will save energy and save you money.


Lower Repair Bills

Air conditioning maintenance can save you in repair costs by catching minor problems before they turn into costly ones.

Peace of Mind

By scheduling maintenance, you will keep your unit running efficiently.  This can extend the life of your air conditioning unit and prevent it from breaking down.

We are Your Local Air Conditioning Company

The professionals at Trident Air Conditioning care about you and your family. Trying to maintain or self-repair your a/c unit is a dangerous task.  Let our team take care of your air conditioning maintenance needs!  We offer maintenance service and emergency repair service.  We work with all makes and models. Call Trident Air Conditioning & Heating Today!

Trident Air Conditioning & Heating proudly offers services in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port & surrounding areas.

Our Care Program

Have Our CARE Program keep your system running at its peak performance with clean coils, filters and freon levels. Prevent system flooding from blocked pans and drains. Identify fire hazards and future problems with motors, compressor and capacitor electronic metered checks. We offer 2 plans.